“The Ties that Bind”
“Flat Earth” 12 Potters Auckland N.Z.
“N.Z. Ceramics Now” Suter Gallery Nelson N.Z.
“Beyond Craft” N.Z. Academy of Fine Arts. Wellington N.Z. Page 2
Guest Potter Wellington Potters Association.

BNZ Craft Award.
“New Zealand Craft” Expo 86 Canada.
Exhibitor Fletcher Brownbuilt Auckland N.Z.
5 Potters Exhibition Auckland N.Z.
Contemporary Ceramics Govett Brewster Gallery
“N.Z. Ceramics & Glass” Santa Barbara, USA

Merit Award – Fletcher Challenge Auckland, New Zwaland
Merit Award – Norsewear Art Award
“Fire & Form” Hamilton
Winstones Mixed Media Biennale.
New Zealand Society of Potters Exhibition Wanganui, New Zealand

NZ Society of Potters, Holdsworth Gallery Sydney.
NZ Crafts Expo 88 Australia.
Exhibitor Fletcher Challenge Auckland, New Zealand
Queensland Potters Association Joint Exhibition & Workshop with John Crawford.
Accepted as Member of International Academy of Ceramics. (Geneva)

Awarded the MBE for services to Pottery in New Zealand
Began designing for Temuka Pottery NZ
Merit Award Winstones Craft Biennale
“Box Show” Crafts Council of New Zealand.
Great New Zealand Tableware Show Suter Gallery Nelson. NZ
NZ Society of Potters Exhibition Hamilton.
Commenced painting using watercolour and gouache.

N.Z.S.P. Exhibition Nelson

Exhibitor Fletcher Challenge Auckland NZ
Nelson / Wanganui Joint Exhibition
Guest Potter / Painter Timaru
Guest Potter / Painter Malvern Community Arts Centre.

Exhibitor Norsewear Art Awards
Teapot Exhibition Sydney
“N.Z. Ceramics” Empress Place Singapore.

Exhibitor Cleveland Ceramic Award
Teapot Exhibition Sydney
Exhibitor 12th Gold Coast Ceramic Art Award
Lecturer Sydney Ceamic Group

Exhibitor Royal Easter Show Auckland
Exhibitor Norsewear Art Award Pottery & Painting
Exhibitor Fletcher Challenge Auckland NZ
Flagstaff Gallery Auckland Paintings
Fisher Gallery Christchurch Pottery & Paintings
Guest Potter Invercargill
Millwood Gallery Wellington Pottery & Painting
Gallery 16 Auckland Pottery & Painting
Finalist Telecom Regional Art Awards
Purchased ram press
Ceased designing for Temuka Pottery

Norsewear Art Award
NZSP Exhibition Palmerston North
Guest Potter Aiganthe Gallery Timaru
Merit Award – XPO Art NZ Ceramic Awards
Merit Award – Birkenhead Ceramic Awards Auckland
“Men Only – 40 Plus” Masterworks Gallery Auckland
Exhibitor Cleveland Ceramic Awards Dunedin
Guest Artist Marlborough Art Society
Finalist Telecom Regional Art Awards

Norsewear Art Award
Supreme Award – Birkenhead Licensing Awards
XPO Exhibition – Auckland
Cleveland Ceramics Award
Attended IAC Conference in Japan

Best Functional Award – Nelson Potters Association Exhibition Suter Gallery Nelson
Exhibitor Fletcher Challenge Auckland
Exhibitor NZSP Royal Easter Show Auckland
Birkenhead Licensing Trust Exhibition
Exhibitor Cleveland Ceramics Award

Best Functional Award – Nelson Potters Association Suter Gallery Nelson
Exhibitor NZSP Royal Easter Show Auckland
Birkenhead Licensing Trust Exhibition
Guest Potter Waimate Art Society
Guest Potter / Artist Southland Art Society
Guest Potter Hamilton Potters Association
Attended IAC Conference Toronto Canada. Page 4
Touring Potter North Island for NZSP workshops in Wanganui, Gisborne, New Plymouth, Taupo, Auckland, Hamilton.

Guest Potter / Selector / Demonstrator Wellington Potters Association
Exhibitor Birkenhead Licensing Trust Exhibition
NZSP Tableware Show Christchurch
Exhibitor Molly Morpeth Canaday 3 D Award Whakatane

Exhibitor Birkenhead Licensing Trust Past Winners Exhibition
Winner $3000 Sculptural Award Royal Easter Show Auckland
IAC Members Exhibition Frechen Germany
Attended IAC Conference Frechen Germany

Nelson Potters Suter Art Gallery
NZSP National Exhibition Hamilton
NZSP Tableware Show “Judge – Guest Exhibitor”

Nelson Potters Suter Gallery Best Domestic ware Award
Royal Easter Show / NZSP Annual Exhibition Merit Award Sculpture
International Asia-pacific Contemporary Ceramics Invitational Taiwan
Accepted exhibitor Mino Japan Ceramic Art Section Page 5
IAC Members Exhibition Athens
Accepted exhibitor Lopdell House Exhibition Auckland NZ
Attended IAC Conference Athens

NZ Society of Potters National Exhibition Nelson
Merit – Molly Morpeth 3D Ceramic Awards
Portage Ceramic Awards
Moxie Union Exhibition Singapore
Accepted exhibitor Lopdell House Exhibition Auckland NZ
Accepted Invitation to work in Macedonia for 3 weeks.

Merit Award The First Taiwan Biennale
Exhibitor Moxie Union Singapore
Exhibitor NZSP exhibition New Plymouth
Accepted Wai Clay Ceramic Awards
Black & White Tableware Show Suter Gallery Nelson
IAC Members Exhibition South Korea
Attended IAC conference South Korea

Portage Ceramics Award Lopdell House Auckland NZ
Tamarillo Wellington
“Still Life” Suter Art Gallery Nelson NZ. Page 5
Guest Exhibition WOW Nelson NZ

Tamarillo Wellington
Wai Clay Hamilton
Guest Exhibitor Southland Art Society
Guest Exhibitor Academy of Fine Arts Wellington
Statements Gallery Napier
Cone City Clay Auckland
IAC Members Exhibition Latvia
Attended IAC Conference Riga Latvia

Cone Clay City Auckland
Webb’s Auckland

Solo Show Compendium Gallery Auckland
Ashburton Arts Society

Solo Show Statements Gallery Napier
NZ Academy Fine Arts Wellington
Nelson Suter Art Society

New Zealand Society of Potters National Exhibition
Objective Art Awards Auckland
IAC Members Exhibition “Sevres” Paris
Attended IAC Conference Paris France

New Zealand Society of Potters Exhibition Auckland
Wai Clay Hamilton
Small Landscape Exhibition Suter Art Gallery

IAC Members Exhibition Santa Fe New Mexico
Four Continents Ceramic Exhibition Perth Australia